Reduce Direct Mail & Print Costs

Reduce costs by consolidating spend

GDPR requires explicit opt-in for email and SMS communications, however direct mail is unaffected by this cause and remains ‘opt out’ rather than ‘opt in’. Therefore this represents an opportunity for charities to re-evaluate their direct mail strategy.

We can help charities make significant cost reductions, whilst maintaining a high quality of printed materials, to make your printed communications process more costs efficient and increase the ROI. This is due to our choice of printing partners as well as being able to leverage purchasing power, getting greater discounts through volume.

It doesn’t stop there however, the knowledge of our print team comes from years of experience and they can provide help and advice which will strip cost, but not activity, from your operations.


  • Consolidated overview of total spend
  • Best practice and specification improvements to all raw material used for paper based communications
  • Yield, opacity and volume


  • Defining best practice and process in the cost effective execution of printed matter
  • Consolidation
  • Online portals for streamlined and automated processes
  • Better use of digital print production
  • Zero rated VAT advice and help


  • Effective selection of downstream access providers utilising best size specification (i.e. small letter)
  • Bulk mailing consolidation with other customers for better pricing
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